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Odd Renditions

by Oddisee

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colombiaan Specially the vocals of Bon Iver, the sample of Aretha and the flow of Oddisee in a brilliant fusion. I bought it solely for Paralyzed. Too bad it never was made available on the common streaming platforms. Favorite track: Paralyzed.
jumpoveryourodds thumbnail
jumpoveryourodds Mirror Down...The beauty of this music is it was meant for a particular part of spaces in time of your life...Only comes through, though the equation of particular uplifts and let goes to move through shadows that nobody knows.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith thumbnail
Andrew Smith The highlights for me are Oddisee's reinterpretation of the Marvin Gaye's "ain't that peculiar" and Toronto's own K-OS' "the man I use to be". These tracks are perfect! Oddisee pays respect to the originals, while adding his refreshing vibe to these classic songs.
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Paralyzed 02:35
When the hairs on the back of my neck are raise up/ & my heart is pumping/ usually that means, it's the start of something/ same feeling when you come across what you're afraid of/ I made up my mind I'm jumping/ reaching for the sky, I'm trying to blow up/ but if I ever fail & I start to fall the/hope I don't land on a mine or something/ hope I don't miss my calling/ passion I got to have for what I'm involved in/ half ass'n 9 out of 10 results in/ crashing, ya drive pump breaks ya halting/ But I got to keep it going, no time to stop I'm a I'm a beast I'm all in/ I make hot beats & keep recording/ those who got beef I keep ignoring/ I keep exploring, not a corner of the earth Ain't psyched to see/ been allot I places, rumors of racists/ but I can't lie they was nice to me/ I dress real smart & the clothes make the man/ than you notice than I don't miss the mark/ I'm always on point, I'm always so sharp/ when you focused man, you know to play parts/ positions and such or you'll end up stuck in ditches and such/ a rut you can't get out/ game you got to sit out/ & I know it got to suck when much is in clutch/ & you just can't grasp it/ monumental the tribulation & task is/ Trial & error, life is/ outlast it/
Take a seat any city I know the spots to eat/ the rougher side of town I'm round unless it's proper bleak/ Made it to Paris without the use of a private jet/ check in an Ibis yet check me out, I'm the flyest yet/ They exhibitionist & we're both in the exhibition/ Them to be seen, & for me to see the collection, listen/ Most of my people, they're missing out on the point of living/ To be rich or enriched is our own decision/ prone to the latter I am but most of my people isn't/ they focus different, they tend to see me as broken vision/ Man I'm trying to be a leader, if I'm shinning/ Well, that's the blind leading blind then/ Women want me cause they think that I'll complete them/ I just compliment them better than some nigga that's beneath/ I ain't talking about remarks about their hair or what they wear/ I'm just a puzzle piece when mother's start to ask when I'ma meet him/ yeah, I know my role so we rolling/ we're in a part of I know she probably don't be going/ Price is rather cheaper, the decor is rather meager/ But it's nice, it's all about the spice that the throw in/ like life, off I'm ain't showing/ Chorus Not bronze nor silver I'm forever winning/ Not the given, but my own definition/ Last minute dot com/ I'll have you sitting next to palms where the weather's rather warm/ that's the type of shit that I be on/ spontaneity with charm & it ain't costing me an arm/ Legs up & I'm looking at the Adriatic/ Hustle off down time young I got to have it/ but not for long, yes I'm a workaholic/ drunk off the feeling of getting it cracking/ thinking of something, put it to action & seeing it happen/ laying a snare, layered with clapping/ to seeing them clapping/ conversations finding their way in the shit that I'm rapping/ See all about exchange, it ain't all about the fame/ I'm living upper middle class & people hardly know my name/ cause the dollars that I gain ain't at the cost of rotting brains/ I'm from a time that's been forgotten where the scholars entertained/ Music with a message, message with the music/ records for living reckless & records for wreck improvement/ Practicing what I'm preaching, the good and bad in me meeting/ To much of one or the other mean your perception is skewing/ fix up & care less of others doings/ ambition ain't bout results, what you perusing/
I know the question that I'm asking & the answer ain't correct/ & if loving you is wrong well then the answer won't be yes/ so I'm lying to myself cause lying next to you the best/ every second in your presence, worth a minute of neglect/ but the minutes turn to hours & them hours turn to stress/ am I courageous or a coward that's unable to except/ that I'm here but you left, I'm mean we here but you ain't right/ yeah you right here but you ain't like/ with me, so I need to step/ You would think that moving on, wouldn't even be a sweat/ I mean yeah you do me wrong but I conveniently forget/ I just harbor on the better like what ever to the doubt/ when you try to plant a seed, I just see a weed in drought/ as you twist your lips to lie & it's leaving out your mouth/ I decide right then & there that I won't even here you out/ I know love is peculiar & you are even more so/ how you wear your heart on your wardrobe/ lord knows/
Loosing sight of what matters/ dimming my demeanor in the brightness of the flatter/ Enticing is the chatter of room filled with candor/ Replaced by the fumes that conclude with the banter/ Moth to a flame & couldn't hold a candle to what I use to be, to what I use to handle/ I use to be hungry appetite for respect/ Now I just expect people want something from me/ Service at a table that revolved in my favor/ designated savior guess I'm picking up the check/ developing a pallet for a rather bitter flavor/ the fruits of my labor at a price I won't fetch/ cost me friends, cost me an ex/ but that ain't even debt that I would see as regret/ But most men would, as I probably should/ the man I am now ain't the man I recollect/ Searching for the elements of how I came together/ stumbled on some blame, bumped into whatever/ my disposition say that I don't give a fuck never/ there was a few times that the armor got severed/ The walls came down & the skin wasn't leather/ & if you wanted to hurt me, the closer, the better/my foes were, poser as a shoulder/ & went I to lean on, they let me fall over/ & those are, the lessons that you when you're older/ it's harder to burned when your heart becomes colder/ a bolder, but in return for your heart of stone/ it's harder to let your guard down when the problems gone/ a soldier, that keeps fighting when the war's done/ forever ready for when more comes/ aiming a the mirror I might end up shooting me/ don't recognize the man that I use to be/ who's he/



01 Paralyzed - Bon Iver 're: Stacks'
02 The Gold Is Mine - Metronomy 'We Broke Free'
03 Ain't That Peculiar - Marvin Gaye 'Ain't That Peculiar'
04 Man I Use To Be - K-Os 'Man I Use To Be'


released May 15, 2012

All tracks produced by Oddisee. All rhymes by Oddisee. Additional instrumentation by Dennis Turner, Ralph Real & Olivier Daysoul.


all rights reserved



Oddisee Washington, D.C.


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